Vaishali Jain

Adbite is the leading Global Supply-side Platform. We, at Adbite, believe that every publisher has the right to know more about their demand and the technology that goes behind the tag they get. We are a leading programmatic platform for publishers and advertisers. We monetize Billions of ad inventory globally in a month. image.png Are you getting the revenue you deserve? We believe that in the end revenue matters for every organization and we can help you to get the maximum yield on your inventory. Also, with our in-house and external exclusive demand partnerships, you can reach the right advertiser. We can help you get multi-channel monetization with our cutting-edge technology. We support ORTB and tag-based integration. Are you ready to discuss a partnership, or would you like me to hop on the phone with your programmatic monetization team? If there is any more information I can provide, please let me know, I’m available on Skype at