shiza khan

Hi Team, Hope everything is well. This is Shiza working as a Senior publisher sales manager at Adcrew. AdCrew Digital Advertising Ecosystem connecting publishers with Unlimited DSPs programmatically with high CPM and +90% fill-rate through Its digital products in Display and Video. Which is verified by IAB, Google, Pubmatic, Freewheel, Forensiq and +100 DSPs, SSPs,Open RTBs, Brand Safety ML Worldwide. Some Publishers using AdCrew ( MENA and Global) MENA ( Skynews Channel official Website ) ( UAE Top website) AdCrew Solutions for Publishers ( Ad formats ) A- Display Ads (All IAB sizes) B- Video Ads : In-Read Smart Sticky Slider inread-sticky Smart-Companion Inview infeed and other 8 Ad formats You can Visit our Creatives Center : AdCrew publishers platform : Complete Reporting and Control platform : You will get access to publishers’ platforms , So you can monitor performance in real time. AdCrew- Dashboard Stats 2021.png Revenue Share: Rev.share (20-80) , Which means : 20% to AdCrew 80% to publisher of total revenue. Payment Terms and Ways: Net 35 , Example: May 2021 revenues be paid on the first 5 business days of July , Like Google Adx rules. Payment ways : Wire-transfers Steps to Start : Add AdCrew Ads.txt to website root for getting approvals example : Approval time takes usually around 4 to 5 Working days after ads.txt added. Your Account will be ready to get access including ( your tags ) Notes: Attached is our Ads.txt file that needs to be implemented Attached is our publisher’s Agreement. You can run our tags through your Google Ad manager , Normally.