Priyanka Nagraj

Hello Team, I hope this email finds you well. We had the pleasure of collaborating together some time ago, and I’m reaching out to you because I’d like to explore the possibility of working together again. As you know, we have global demand from our advertisers who are all major consumer brands, and our main interest is to purchase ad inventory for Video In-stream, Audio, and Display Banners. In addition to these formats, I am pleased to introduce a new proprietary product with which we are expanding our offering. In the first point I include the purchase of traditional formats as well, just so that you can also have them in mind: 1. Purchase of In-stream Video Pre-roll, Audio and Display banners inventory with an integration through direct TAGs, MCM Google forms approval and ads.txt implementation (This is our general integration method). 2. Ampliffy TV: This is our turnkey product that includes a video player, video content from categories relevant to your users (copyrighted) and the demand of video ads. Here you can see an example of the content by category: Is this something that might interest you? I would be happy to provide more information about any of the points mentioned. If you prefer, we can continue moving forward by email. I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you.