Milton Mascarenhas

Hi Team, Greetings from We would like to work with you on one of our hot selling products in which you do not have to remove any of your current partners nor allocate any specific ad unit to us. On this same product, we are working with websites like TimesofIndia,,, Financial Express,, iBtimes + 1000 more. This product helps you increase your overall banner revenues by ~10%-15% incrementally. It’s called the Smart Ad refresh which works with 75+ Algorithms that make you increase your overall revenues. Here is the demo video: Along with that, we have a few more products that would definitely interest you: 1. Header Bidding (Desktop, Mweb and AMP): This will compete with your Google Adx to make higher revenues with increased CPM’s. 2. Flying Carpet (Mweb and AMP): (Nike Ad): 3. Prebid 4. 100% fill on standard banners (House line item) In terms of Video we can work with: 1. Outstream Video 2. Instream Monetization It would be great if you could get back to us at the earliest before we enter Q4 so that we can commit to you on the same. Feel free to reach out to me in case of any doubts will be glad to help you out.