Mike Shvabenland

Hello, My name is Mikhail Shvabenland, I’m a Publishers Relations Manager at Yandex Advertising Network – a platform for traffic monetization and the placement of ads on websites and mobile apps. We would be delighted to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the traffic monetization to grow your revenue. We would be interested in the integration with Prebid.js on banner display inventory (desktop and mobile web). Here is important to notice that we are not a seller or an operator of the entire inventory, but a vendor with additional direct demand which can be integrated into your ad stack. Our adapter & tech specs can be found here: https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/bidders/yandex.html. We have direct demand in Vietnam, South Africa, GCC, Turkiye, LATAM, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, DACH, hence, we are primarily focused on the inventory in these geos, but we can review other countries worldwide. I would be very pleased if you could forward my email to your colleagues who deal with the traffic monetization. Thank you in advance and warm regards!