Martin Wu

Hi, Greetings! Hope this email finds you well. I’m Martin from Vpon business development team. We are a regional company that specialize in mobile data collection, management, analytics, and providing ad network solutions for clients in APAC. The reason we reach out to you is because we are expanding our advertising network in SEA, Vietnam to be specific. We would like to start off with a short-term collaboration, pulling ad inventory from mobile app via Google platform for our regional campaigns from different clients, which are mostly from banking and insurance industries. A long-term partnership will come next if the performance is decent, and we wish to have SDK integration with the mobile app so we can draw inventory directly. If you are looking for boosting revenue other than using Google Ad, we would be a great partner to explore new opportunities. Please visit our website here and we are looking forward to your reply if you are interested. Thank you. Have a great day.