Andrii Bondarchuk

Hello,I represent adWMG International Programmatic Agency, USA, and I am contacting you to explore potential partnership opportunities.As an official Google MCM partner, we’re serving both AD Exchange and Open Bidding (EBDA) and have a direct connection with leading DSP’s (OpenX, IMX, Criteo, AppNexus, Amazon, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Index Exchange, etc).I would like to offer you: * A wide range of current advertising formats * High CPM depending on formats; * Coverage above 88%; * Advertising from global brands (Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Samsung, Armani, KLM, McDonald’s, BOOKING, and others); * Stable monthly NET 15. * Our unique demand for Tier-1 and others.We provide you with opportunities to increase your revenue through our effective display, in-banner video and all types of video ads with the highest CPM & fill rate.Premium display and video formats: standard banners and in-banner video ads are available for desktop and mobile. * VAST / all types of video ads * JS Banners/inbanner video ads * Header Bidding/Prebid IDs * oRTB integrationThe best solution is to monetize your traffic with a percentage of 90% and generate incremental revenue with an average CPM that is 2 to 3 times higher than standard banners.I would like to tell you more about our products and formats and introduce our technological solutions to ensure that what we are offering, and the results, are worth a try.Let’s discuss possible options for cooperation.Best regards,