Allen Sharma

Hello, I am reaching out to discuss a programmatic partnership with your website to increase the revenue you are currently making. Based in Toronto Canada, PixFuture is an SSP platform for publishers and delivering amazing results / revenue to pubs globally. It has its own demand pipes through its direct demand, partnership with top DSPs, and Exchanges. The company has Header Bidding and OpenRTB demand partners that are connected to the PixFuture platform (AuctionX™) in a professional manner in compliance with all privacy regulations. Recently, we received interest from our advertisers in your global audiences base coming to your website. During the call, I will discuss the monetization details and the unique Content Player developed by PixFuture, called GoStory, (think about it as Instagram Stories). It helps users navigate your website quickly and check top news articles in just a few seconds. It is fully customizable and can be custom-designed to fit your website’s design. Here is how it works: May I recommend that we set up a meeting this / next week and I will take you through how we can monetize your ad inventory better? Best, Allen