Abdul Mueed

Dear Sir, We are looking to publish our articles with monthly basis agreement with the following service : – Neutral Post ( preferable 30 days in homepage ) – Email blast with article title and article as content + link to article – Social share We are looking to publish like that as a long term, we will provide unique article each month and we are willing to sign a yearly contract related to that. We will add the article in taboola and other partners campaigns and we guarantee from our side 200,000 Views/Clicks and few millions Impressions to the newspaper name( good for branding and for gaining more readers ), Newspaper name will be shown only on premium websites which taboola have, this campaign will run and finish within first 3 days. As payment terms, we would highly appreciate if we can agree on net14, because we had really bad experience with newspapers and agencies in the past ( such us, article was only showing on some specific devices or by rotation/category/hidden/etc ), more exactly we will release payment within 10 days after publishing, to make sure the article will not suffer removal, downgrade, replace or any other situation which does not specify in the agreement. If we can agree on the following, please provide us a quote by keeping in count that we are planning to be a client partner for years and as stated above, we are willing to sign a contract related to that, with specific clauses from your side. Regards, Abdul Mueed PR Manager H. C. Andersens Blvd. 37 1553 København, Denmark BITMANU S.A. +45 65 74 3977