eClick Ad Network is an adaptive advertising solutions for diversifying business demands. Thanks to strict measurement and auditing system, sophisticated data usage and fast-changing advertisement formats, eClick Ad Network delivers 3+ million clicks, 10+ billion impressions, reaches 32+ internet users monthly, which helps adding much more value to every placement in the whole network.

  • PR Articles

    eClick PR service provides rich content articles spreading your messages lively and friendly to users. Your potential customers now have not to bear boredom and annoyance out of your advertisements.

    Our trend-savvy customer care team always advise advertisers on effective message expresses, shortening the gap between you and your target audience. We possess enough column topics to assure that your target audience will be never out of reach.

    In case of request and bilateral agreement, the PR articles may include hyperlinks to your appointed websites or even your photos, graphics, etc. Please contact for more details.

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  • Information Partnership

    Information partnership is an exclusive product from FPT Online, in which we exert our reputed eNewspaper brands to patronize corporates' events. Under the bilateral agreements, terms and conditions, our reporters will companion your organizers to compose and deliver the fastest and most precise reports.

    Depending on the nature of each event and brand, communication channels can be vary from PR articles on our exclusive eNewspaper to many other ones. Please contact for more details.

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  • Online interview

    Online interview is a term indicating interactive programmes between our audience and honorable invitees. The topic of the online interview is an agreement settled by the advertiser and the eNewspaper. This is a kind of forum that interested audience can submit their issues to professionals, invitees for helpful answers.

    Basically, an online interview has these below main activities:

    Basically, an online interview has these below main activities:an introduction article, which briefly covers the topic and invitees' opinions, is published. Interested audience may submit their questions right on this day.

    1/2 day before the interview:the on-air time is officially pronounced

    The online interview.

    After the interview, all involving information will be edited into a detailed article on the relevant folders. Each service package comes along with varied benefits. Please contact for more details.

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  • Sponsorship

    Sponsorship is the cooperation in which brands hold co-organized events with FPT Online in a specific time. Such cooperative events are, for instance, annual activities, grand holidays or newly formed events from ideas of either party.

    Sponsorship allows advertisers' brands to display in many ways: sponsored logos on communication banners, on the event homepage; brand names or images in articles, in video records, etc.

    Depending on the nature of each event, sponsorships may come in diverse forms and values. Please contact for more details.

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  • Campaign

    eClick Campaign is a full-package service including various advertising formats, zones and channels for the purpose of flexibly exploiting all available resources. Thus both the performance and cost are vastly optimized.

    eClick Campaign has many optional packages under your free choice. Your own ideas of new packages are always welcomed. Please contact for more details.

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  • Topic / Subfolder

    Topic / Sub-folder is an archive page for all articles with the same topic. This archive page is called a box (as used with Topic) or a folder (as used with Sub-folder).

    The content of this Topic / Sub-folder is built by both eClick and the advertiser.

    The main operation stages:

    Content checking (to avoid duplicate, illegal or general terms violating content, etc.)

    Bilateral agreement between the board of editors and the advertiser.

    Operation and Monitoring.


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