• VnExpress launches the E-Commerce vertical

    Opportunities for E-Commerce development is emerging in Vietnam, attracting the participation of large enterprises to farmers, officers. However, the story of information accesses, policies, trends and business experience, buying online still remains a challenge for the participants.

    VnExpress launches E-Commerce vertical on 1/7.

    Since the beginning of 2015, VnExpress and Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade has conducted building e-Commerce vertical, officially launched today (1/7) at:http://kinhdoanh.vnexpress.net/tin-tuc/thuong-mai-dien-tu

    Along with information on mechanisms and policies from the authorities, the vertical also provides updated activities, investment opportunities for enterprises in Vietnam and from around the world. On developing, trading tools, common payment platforms will also be built to serve the needs of E-Commerce involving readers. This is also a forum to share experiences, knowledge, trading advice for investors and readers.

    The vertical includes 3 main sections. News– updated information, policies about E-Commerce, the tools, the basic payment transactions and activities of enterprises in the sector; Experience - where experts consult and answer to readers' questions and a forum to share and discuss tips, tricks in business as well as online shopping… and the International - information, online shopping trends and movements of worldwide E-Commerce enterprises.

    In VECITA’s report, 2014 revenue from domestic online purchases reached 2.97 billion dollars, equivalent to 145 USD a person. This figure is seemed to be modest compared with countries such as Australia ($ 16.3 billion), India (20.7 billion), China (217.3 billion), Korea (10.5 billion) United States (305.5 billion).

    However, earlier in 2015, an international organization found that the proportion of people shopping online via mobile devices in Vietnam is still a lot of potential. With the rapid dominant trends of Internet, 3G, mobile devices, online banking, etc., expected 2015 revenue of E-Commerce is up to $4 billion.

    Source: VnExpress.


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