Question: Which products require advertising permit?

Answer: Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, healthcare instruments, insecticides, agricultural products, etc. are among products requiring advertising permit. For each of above product line, advertiser mandatorily obtains the specific advertising registry proof, advertising content proof or circulation proof.

Question: Does eClick Advertising provide me with any performance measurement, and which one?

Answer: When experiecing eClick services and products, you should be provided with an account for monitoring advertising performance. Furthermore, 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics is applicable.

Question: Should I design all my own display advertisements or any support available?

Answer: eClick encourages advertisers' own designs in our suggested formats, but we still support some other special design requirements with dealt fees.

Question: May I freely design my Rich Media advertisements, or must follow eClick's available formats?

Answer: Most of creatives and effects will be welcomed, as long as they are with Vietnam Laws and eClick's terms and conditions.

Question: Should images in PR articles be provided by advertisers or by eClick? And how about copyright issues?

Answer: Image supply and copyright are advertisers' responsibility.

Question: Is an online interview with my appointed venue, stage arrangement, etc. executable?

Answer: Advertisers can suggest any venue, stage, etc. that meets technical requirements and is not against Vietnam Laws and eClick's terms and conditions.

Question: After a Topic/ Sub-folder campaign has been complete, will that Topic/ Sub-folder still be archived and accessible on the sites?

Answer: Yes, it will be archived and accessible on the very sites you booked.

Question: Because all current eClick's products seemingly do not meet my needs, I would like eClick to create new advertising formats that should be more relevant.

Answer: In such case, eClick will consult and support in building up campaigns with your ideas. The newly created formats must go with Vietnam Laws and eClick's terms and conditions.

Question: How can I distribute my advertisements with Ad Network eClick and do the payment?

Answer: When being signed-in, programmatic ads creator should be available to your advertising demands without time-consuming working procedure with human personnels. The payment is performed via SendPay portal.

Question: I am unfamiliar with your provided tools and need help to create and optimize my advertisements.

Answer: eClick support team are always there and ready to manually compose the ads on your demands in case of system unfamiliarity. Besides, optimizing tips should be provided for boosting your ads perfomance.

Question: Why can't I find my ads?

Answer: On increasing your ads performance and results, your ads are in turn displayed among other advertisers' ads on our website/app network. And that we are operate thousands of ads zones make it rather difficult to follow the exact place and time your ads are displayed.

Question: How much will I pay?

Answer: By default, Ad Network eClick charges 1,500VND per click (CPC buying) and 6,000VND per impression (CPM buying) that your ads really get. The cost may be varied on your demands and target filters.

Question: Which content should be valid if I want to be an eClick publisher?

Answer: Our advertisers require blossoming topics so all fields of content are welcomed as long as they are not illegal or against Vietnamese culture.

Question: I am afraid of complicated sign-up procedure.

Answer: On accepting your website/app content, eClick support team will quickly approve and work on two-side terms and conditions and contract, then provide you with ads code for your website/app. That's all to be our publisher.

Question: How will I be paid?

Answer: After contract, your payment will be bank transferred at the end of each month on at least 200,000VND revenue reach.

Question: Will ads from Ad Network eClick be compatible with my website / app technical and designing terms?

Answer: Ad Network eClick distributes ads formats in terms of IAB standards and of Vietnam advertising market popular conditions and continually updates new formats, standards, platforms. Consequently, the maximized compatibility is guaranteed.